About Rick Mantei

Over 40 Years Of Serving The Community

Rick Mantei has dedicated much of his life to his country. Rick Mantei served 7 years of active duty in the Air Force as an F-4 Phantom instructor pilot. Then in November of 1982 Rick Mantei joined the SCANG as an F-16 instructor pilot.

Rick Mantei with Fred Saverance, an accomplished pilot out of McEntire airbase.

Veteran Of The Week Award

The South Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs (SCDVA) proudly announces the selection of Lt. Col. Rick Mantei as Veteran of the Week, honoring his outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication to his country and fellow veterans. Lt. Col. Mantei’s journey began with a commitment to service, earning his degree in civil engineering from the United States Air Force Academy in 1976.

Man of service

Community Involvement

Rick Mantei has been giving rides for over 40 years to many organizations & charities. With 40 years of experience, Rick Mantei has a wealth of knowledge surrounding taxes, investments, estate planning, insurance needs, and wisdom navigating the ever-changing markets.

March 19th: Rick Mantei flies to Tuscon for 91st birthday of Col. Storey to present picture of his life in person

Retired Major General Tom Rew celebrated his 100th birthday returning to the sky

April 24th: Donating Flight at Columbia/Owens Field for Camp Kemo

Rick Mantei Published in Air Facts Journal

Man Of Honor

Rick Mantei was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross
for his acts of heroism in the Gulf War.