March 27, 2022

Retired Major General Tom Rew celebrated his 100th birthday returning to the sky

CAMDEN, S.C. — Retired Major General Tom Rew is back on the ground after celebrating part of his 100th birthday in the sky. 

“It was a lot of fun,” Rew said “It’s been a long time between one touch down to another.”

Flying is a love he shares with his son Bill Rew who is also a pilot and has served. 

“Flying is a bond that we share – something he passed on,” Bill said. “And, to be able to be up there together in formation – and he was flying a good part of that flight.” 


The event took place at the Kershaw County Airport. Rick Mantei decided the event should be held there after meeting Major Rew several years back. He said that he felt this needed to happen.

“You want to talk about the greatest generation. He flew in three wars and never even mentioned it to me,” Mantei said. “He is a warrior, real patriot, gentleman, and father.”


As for Major Rew, he is happy he has made it to 100 and he has a message for others.

“I just hope each and every one of you enjoy life as much as I have and thank the good Lord for all of our blessings,” he said. “I’ve had a good life.”

Rew was also presented with a certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from U.S Representative Joe Wilson.