Community Involvement

Meet the real Rick Mantei

Rick Mantei Honors ROTC Cadets with Unforgettable Flight Experience

CanHope Takes Flight: Joining Forces with Rick Mantei to Soar Above Cancer

A Heartwarming Mother’s Day Celebration Hosted by Rick and Lisa Mantei

Rick Mantei Sponsors Spring Valley High School's 53rd Annual Military Ball

Rick Mantei celebrates Retired Major General Tom Rew's 102th birthday

Rick Mantei Visits Col. Tom Storey For The Holidays

Rick Mantei's Brings Comfort to Joseph Washington Amid Health Struggles

Rick Mantei Extends Comfort To Parkinson’s Patient With Thoughtful Gifts

Rick Mantei’s Heartwarming Visit to Kathy Kibler

Rick Mantei Brightens Thanksgiving for Local Families in Need

Rick Mantei Brings Gifts to Vickie & Ira Chavis Amid Life’s Challenges

A Heartwarming Gesture: Rick Mantei’s Acts of Kindness Bring Comfort to Hospice Patient Kathy Polk

Rick Mantei organizes the Sole Stepping Fundraiser, which soared to New Heights at Aiken Regional Airport.

Rick Mantei's wife, Lisa Mantei, Elevated Financial Expertise at the Centaurus National Sales Conference.

Rick Mantei Shares Evening With Journalist Bob Woodward at Omni Hotel in Washington DC

Honoring a Hero: Rick Mantei's Tribute to Phillip Reams at the SC Air National Guard Swampfoxes' Quarterly Luncheon

Rick Mantei sponsors the Cadet of the Month Flight - July 2023​.

Rick Mantei Treats Inspirational Podcaster Paul Thomas to a Thrilling Flight at Falcon Field

Rick Mantei Attends Annual Father-Daughter Dance at St. John Newmann Church

Rick Mantei Showcases Fresh Paintjob On His PT-17 Stearman Aircraft

Rick Mantei Honors Naval Aviator’s Involvement By Giving Flights To Fiancée

Rick Mantei participates in the Run in Tunnels to Towers 5K in Remembrance of 9/11.

Rick Mantei Inspires Teens

Rick Maneti Offers Plane Rides to Youths From Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries

Rick Mantei Makes Time for Meaningful Client Visits

Rick Mantei Honors Memory of Air Corps Veteran in Fly-By

Rick Mantei provides Flights and Support to the Lowcountry Food Bank.

Rick Mantei donates over 50 Turkeys to Oliver Gospel Mission.

Rick Mantei Pitches in to Bring Thanksgiving Meals to the Hungry

Rick Mantei Participates Giving Plane Rides to Thank Midwest Food Bank Volunteers

Rick Mantei Donates to Midwest Food Bank

Rick Mantei flies to Tuscon for 91st birthday of Col. Storey to present picture of his life in person

Rick Mantei celebrates Retired Major General Tom Rew's 100th birthday by taking it up to the sky.

Rick Mantei Published in Air Facts Journal

Rick Mantei Helps Spread Wreaths Across America

Rick Mantei contributes to Helping Those in Need.

Rick Mantei Continues to Donate to Harvest Hope Food Bank

Rick Mantei Assist With Donations of over $1 Million to USAFA Foundation

Rick Mantei Donates to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


Rick Mantei has a 10-Year Commitment to Oliver Gospel Mission

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Rick Mantei is Long-Time Donor to Epworth Children’s Home


Rick Mantei Donates to Marines’ Toys for Tots Program

Rick Mantei Donating flights at Columbia/Owens Field to Camp Kem

Rick Mantei hosts the Swap Fox 76th Anniversary.

Rick Mantei enjoys a perfect end to the school year.

March 19th: Rick Mantei flies to Tuscon for 91st birthday of Col. Storey to present picture of his life in person

Rick Mantei Donates time and money to Veterans in Hospice

Rick Mantei attends Special Olympics charity event

Rick Mantei Donates To Prisma Health Children's Hospital-Midlands

Rick Mantei participates in the Stearman Flight Auction for the benefit of the Guns Garin Foundation.

To My Good Friend Rick and Joe

Rick Mantei attends Tom Rew's 100th Birthday celebration with Joe Wilson.

Rick Mantei's Gesture of Support for Veteran Gary McCrackin

Rick Mantei Reunites With Former Crew Chief, Cecil Tanner

Rick Mantei Honors Ex-Air Force Pilot With Fly-By Tribute At Fort Jackson National Cemetery

Rick Mantei Honored As SCDVA's Veteran Of The Week