Rick Mantei Makes Time for Meaningful Client Visits

Rick has always prided itself on putting its clients first, aiming to offer the best service and care possible.
“We would not be a business without our clients. I tell all my employees, I am not your boss. The clients are. If you get two calls, one from me and one from a client, put me on hold, and take the client.” 

And that’s only the Monday-through-Friday side of the operation. Rick Mantei, sometimes accompanied by Wilcox, takes time on Saturdays to fly Rick’s vintage WWII airplanes across South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. The two retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilots give clients and prospective clients a one-of-a-kind experience flying in the refurbished historic aircraft.
Every Christmas, Rick throws a massive party at the South Carolina State Museum for clients and their families as a grand “thank you” to them. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shut down the bash in 2020, and concerns about new strains of the virus and rising numbers of cases threaten to do so again this year. 

Rick has looked for other ways to do more for clients. With many clients forced to stay home in the face of the pandemic, Rick has gone even further in his efforts to show his appreciation. Every Sunday, his arms loaded with gifts, he visits clients in their homes to thank them personally for their business and spend meaningful time with them.
He listens to their life stories and shares his own, hears about their friends and family, and makes it a personal mission to ensure that all their financial needs are being met through their financial advisor. The meetings aren’t restricted to sitting down over coffee. When Rick and his daughter visited a client who owns a 50-acre farm, they lent a hand in the farmwork, and thoroughly enjoyed the time working alongside the talkative client. “We had a blast!” Mantei said afterward. 

Rick Mantei is a business owner truly unafraid of hard work and going above and beyond for his clients.