March 20, 2024

General Tom Rew Celebrates 102nd Birthday

March 18th, 2024 marked a remarkable milestone for General Tom Rew as he turned 102, defying age with his vigor and spirit. Despite recently undergoing surgery for a broken hip, Tom was spotted at the gym, ready to engage in his favorite pastime: handball. Pictured alongside Tom is his son, General William Rew – the duo epitomized strength and familial bond as they geared up for a friendly match. Tom’s dedication to staying fit and active underscores his remarkable journey through a century of life.

Celebrating this special occasion, Rick Mantei and his daughter, Scarlett, paid a heartfelt visit to the esteemed veteran. Two years back, Scarlett first met the General at Rick’s hangar in Camden on his 100th birthday celebration. Over the years, their relationship has blossomed, with Tom assuming the role of a beloved grandfather figure in Scarlett’s life, bridging generations with his wisdom and warmth.